Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More Seller Tips

Unclutter a Messy Room

The first step is to completely unclutter every room. To get top dollar, put half your possessions in storage. This means it might not be feasible to live in your home comfortably while it's on the market, but it's a worthy sacrifice. (PODS are a great way to only pack it once - and you unload it in your new house)

The Perfect (if Unrealistic) Closet

Put the bulk of your clothing in storage, and leave a lot of space between hangers. Leave a only a few select items of neatly-pressed clothing hanging. Keep one or two pairs of shoes in shoeboxes.

Keep the Bathroom Basic

In the bathroom, you should have some pretty towels and a bar of soap, and not much else. Remove everything from the countertops and empty the medicine cabinet. Put everything in storage except a couple rolls of toilet paper. Put candles around the bathtub and remove your razor, shaving cream and half-empty shampoo bottles.

Tend the Walls and Floors

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way toward making your home look fresh, clean and move-in ready. Clean the carpets. If they're stained or at all worn out, then replace them. After an exhausting move and a pricey purchase, a buyer doesn't want to envision their first tasks as busting out the paint and paying for new carpeting.

Remove Frightful Furnishings

Look at your furniture with a critical eye. If you've been flopping your tush into your easy chair every night for the last eight years, it's probably looking a little sad. Remove or toss anything old, ratty or dirty. If you have nice furniture, then leave the nicest pieces in the house. If not, then purchase a few inexpensive, sleek pieces

Home Improvements Count

Make a list of every single improvement you've made to the property since you've lived there, the timeframe the improvement was made and approximately how much it cost. Also make a list of everything you personally love about the home. Ask your Realtor to put this information in your listing, and include it on your flyer.

Show It Off

Make your home super easy to show for real estate agents. Use a lockbox. Your showing instructions should be "show anytime." If you prefer a call first, then the instructions should be, "Call first, leave a message and go." When a realtor calls, keep it brief and don't bother giving any extra information. It should already be in your flyer.

Scram, Get Lost and Make Yourself Scarce

Try to be out of the house before the buyer arrives. The majority of buyers will feel tense and intrusive snooping around and opening closets and cabinets when the seller is there. If the buyer arrives before you can get out of the house, then make them feel welcome and leave promptly.
Don't come back until they're gone.

Find a Sitter for Fido

It may not seem feasible or practical to have pets relocated while your house is on the market, but if you truly are seeking top dollar, you need to have a pet-free household. Many people are sensitive to odors and pet dander, so clean thoroughly once you find alternative living arrangements for your pet.

When Your Hard Work Pays Off?

Don't dare price your home high in this market. Be extremely careful to price your home very competitively from the beginning, when the largest number of buyers will see your listing. Then work with the offer when it comes in!

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