Monday, July 28, 2008


A fresh, unique, touching and often hilarious film that is a real summer treat...
all hail Scott Prendergast as a new director who is going places!' - REX REED

My nephew's movie is finally hitting Portland! Scott Prendergast's Kabluey opened to excellent reviews in Los Angeles and New York, and San Francisco and Portland are next on the list.

I want EVERYONE to come and see it in Portland! I will most likely try to arrange a gathering on one night (probably Sunday, Aug 24) - either at a nearby watering hole, or in the lobby at the theatre.

The Living Room Theatre (341 SW Tenth Avenue) has a bar and snacks right in the lobby, though it's also across the street from the ACE hotel, which would be another great place to convene.

Whatever the details, a good time is in store for everyone who gets a chance to see this fun movie! I saw it last summer when it premiered at the LA Film Festival and I can't wait to see it again!

Scott will be there on Friday, August 22 and Saturday, August 23 to do q & a's after the screening.

Call 971.222.2010 to reserve tickets
Or call me and we'll arrange to go together!


Maidmoron said...

Sounds like a great reason for me to visit PDX! --I-Wei

cary perk said...

Come on down! There's always room at The Inn!