Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Last Home Game

Yesterday we went to Eugene to the last home Ducks game.

First stop: tailgate party. Grilled sausages, fried chicken, chips and dip, and beer.

They honored all the Seniors. Here's Max.

The Oregon Marching Band

The view from our seats. We love our midfield location, our neighbors, and the ease of getting in and out - two rows from the top, two seats from the aisle, and a quick hop to the concession stands and bathrooms.

Our seatmate's baby Addie. Her first Ducks game!

After almost blowing it in the second half, we won by 10 points. The fans party on the field while the band plays on.

After the game, at least 20,000 of the 65,000 fans trek back to campus.

It's a gorgeous walk, over a small bridge, through the woods, lit only by occasional streetlamps, the mist rising. Seriously! It's lovely. Finally, cross the big bridge across the Willamette river, rushing over the rocks, and at last, a short walk to our car, in Whit's super-secret parking spot, and off we go.

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barbra said...

Thanks for your comment over at my blog! My son's car collection on the stairs was placed just perfectly, wasn't it? That was quite a surprise to discover.

I have to say, I was taken aback coming here to visit you and seeing Autzen Stadium! I spent many happy Saturdays there in my Dad's seats. He can no longer afford season tickets, but still: good memories.

My parents went to the U of O. My mom grew up in Eugene and my dad grew up in Heppner (out by Pendleton). They live in Portland now, although they raised me in California.

I take my kids to spend a month in Portland every summer. We have lots of family and cousins there to see! Coincidentally, my husband is a Californian but most of his family is living in Portland as well! We have the best of both worlds: we spend the summer in beautiful Portland, and live in Southern California for the rest of the year, avoiding the rain!

Great to meet you (blog-wise) today!