Monday, September 7, 2009

Long Rainy Weekend

The holiday weekend started with a quick trip to the Farmer's Market to meet some clients and grab a few signatures to finalize their house purchase. The important signatures were done under an umbrella, due to the drizzle, and then the skies really opened up. We finished our shopping, and got totally drenched, but grabbed fresh radishes, artichokes, homemade dill pickles, peach strudel bread and thai salad rolls. Sounds like I'm pregnant! Nah, just got some food for the football munching platter and bread for breakfast.

Normally I'd be stocking up on tomatoes, but my tomatoes are actually enough for the time being, which is a miracle. (Two years ago I nursed a tomato plant all summer and the yield was one measley tomato - this year I have heirloom, plum, cherry, red, yellow and black!) And my basil is huge - Whit has requested some containers of pesto, so that's on tap for the upcoming week before I head east to Philadelphia and New York.

Speaking of Whit, he's here for the weekend - we watched a lot of college football together, and then we went to the sports pub at the MAC for more football and friends. He went off to a friend's aunt's wedding, where he was eagerly anticipating mountains of authentic Thai food. Today we'll organize moving trucks and make room for temporary storage of his things, as he has yet to rent a place in Portland with his buddies. I'd be happy if he'd just move back into his old room.

Whit's really enjoying his work in the field of economics. (We're so happy he's employed, not to mention liking his job and getting moved back to Portland!) His work focuses on economic implications of various projects in American cities. Yesterday we picked his brain a little bit about his plans for a Masters Degree. The best Masters programs in Public Policy are under consideration, and he is probably only going to live in Portland for a few years before he heads east.

Cam returns from Europe on Wednesday, and I leave on Friday. This house seems to have a big revolving door, and thank goodness for Norris, who takes care of all the critters and supports our habits. He is really a gem :-)

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