Friday, February 12, 2010

Where have you been?

My mom used to say that with such frequency...and it usually meant I was in trouble for being gone so long.

I'm always off somewhere, and since January 3, when we returned from Palm Springs, I've been all over the place. I did a TON of Real Estate this month. I've been showing lots and lots of property, writing up contracts, doing lots of home inspections and sewer scopes and meeting electricians and furnace technicians, and also listing an amazing house and hosting events and touring and previewing.... a BIG January. Wanna see?

We (Norris and I) bought a vacant lot! Right aross the street from our house...and now we're dreaming of the house we'd like to build. We love that there's a pool in the neighborhood, so we don't actually have to have a pool. I want a sun deck on the roof! And lots of glass, but not too big a house. It's so fun to dream. (this picture is bad, but it's a nice, level lot with some large trees, and a little bit of neighborhood greenspace along the back) You'd think I'd take my camera out and get some good shots, but I'm just lazy/busy enough right now to use the picture from the RMLS.

We flew to Arizona to look at condos with Claire and TJ. Look how happy she is contemplating her first huge purchase! (aside from some of her shoes) This complex is small, it looks like a movie set, with its palm trees, pool, and lush green lawn. The desert at its best. Claire is working with an amazing Realtor, and she, TJ and Lucy are going to love living here!

This adorable cottage was one of my listings that received an awesome offer in January.

I had a party to celebrate the Premiere of LOST. Check out Dave & Stacy's costumes!

Buyers fell in love with this little walled house - you can lock up and leave on your travels!

A cool young doctor bought this darling bungalow in Westmoreland... so cute!

This gorgeous condo was my first sale of the year. Check out the view. The cutest 23 year old is going to rock this joint!

This beautiful building is right around the corner from my office. Halfway between The Pearl district and Northwest 23rd, this location is absolutely the best in town. My new client from Boise closed on this property yesterday and is certainly going to love living here. And now I have a new buddy to grab coffee with.

This was a hot house! (You really can't tell how nice by any of the pictures on the web, but I knew the neighborhood) We were lucky, and were the second people to see it - I was watching the RMLS when it popped up and we went that quickly. We were the successful bidder, but, alas, my clients changed their minds. Lucky for the back-up people - they swooped right in and got the house. So all's well that ends well. Now my clients are looking at everything on the market, and may have just found a better one for them... fingers crossed. But this was a beautiful traditional with all the right spaces and beautiful gardens. And a wonderful seller - she was just lovely, in spite of the fact that we left the table...

Friends are going to sell this home in Hillsboro. It's my favorite floor plan of all time! Great room with office, studio and master suite, beautiful outdoor spaces and covered patio with fireplace... and upstairs, a wing for kids or visitors - two suites and a big family room with little kitchenette. Perfect. For lots of photos, please visit the website.

So.... it's been a busy month. There's more to tell. But this has gone on long enough!

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