Saturday, April 21, 2007


Beginning May 14th, new higher postal rates will go into effect. If you don't want your loved ones - not to mention your creditors - waiting by the mailbox, now is the time to prepare.
The cost of postage for a standard one ounce first class letter is increasing from 39 cents up to 41 cents.

And you know the drill - each time the post office bumps up the rates by a penny or two, it requires an annoying trip to the post office to purchase a book of one or two cent stamps.

But now - you can wave goodbye to those pesky one and two cent stamps that clutter up your desk or your wallet...the post office has finally created a stamp that will last "FOREVER".
The new stamp is called the "Forever" stamp and was created to do just what the title states....last forever. Once the stamp is purchased, the stamp can be used forever to mail one-ounce First-Class letters anytime in the future regardless of postage increases. The current price of each Forever stamp is 41 cents, and you can buy Forever stamps at that rate until the next postage increase.

When the postal rates increase in the future, new Forever stamps sold at that time will go up in price too - but you can use up all your previously purchased Forever stamps without having to deal with buying and using the inconvenient make-up stamps for the difference.

Forever stamps can now be purchased online at or at post offices nationwide.

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