Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What's up with me?

It's been forever since I blogged about my life and what's happening around here. So let's catch up.

I've been getting so busy that I'm actually working almost as many hours as a normal person does in a week - my shopping is waaaaay down! Of course the hours have been crazy and I've been out lots of nights and weekends - the one thing that keeps hordes of people from being Realtors - but I don't mind, really I don't. If I have the time, I'll post photos of all the houses that my clients have been buying and selling... that should be fun!

We took the boys and one of their girlfriends to Mexico for a week. (the other girlfriend is on a totally different spring break schedule, so she was going to class, poor girl!) What q pleasure having a sweetie like Noel to fill in the spot normally occupied by Claire, who had to work on a big shindig in Hawaii and couldn't get away to join us. This was our first family vacation without Claire. I'm hoping that by next year she can take some time and join us - but she's only been working since Feb, so it was too early to start going on vacations already!

Here I am in my happy place. Various photos of my feet on vacation are posted above my desk. The thought of another vacation in the sun is what I work for!

Picture the table to the right of me... one or two books, a magazine or two, sunscreen, and a margarita. And the hotel charge card.

I read five books on this vacation! Two for my book club, others I had stashed in the suitcase. By the end, Norris and I were foraging in the lending library at the hotel.

Claire's job is amazing and she's learning a lot! She does all the promotions and events for a publishing company in AZ. It's a dream job and we're so glad she found it! We'll be spending her birthday with her, and just booked tickets and a hotel yesterday.

Whit is turning 21 in a few weeks and he and Noel are going to celebrate with Claire & TJ. Apparently Whit is playing on an intramural softball team and taking a soccer class. It's nice to go into college with a bunch of credits earned in HS so you can take classes like ping pong, soccer and yoga.

Cam is planning to live with Whit next year in the house we bought in Eugene. I feel sorry for the neighbors because I assume the drum set, synthesizer and a bunch of stray musicians will go along with him. He and Keith are planning a European trip around a concert in Zurich - last night the three of us had an online chat about the itinerary and we're getting into full planning mode. I'm quite jealous and starting to think about a fall trip.

I'm off to Florida with my Philadelphia girlfriends in May. I haven't seen them since last July and we always have such fun. I think it's going to be more beach chairs, magazines and Corona.

Boomer had his spring haircut and he's been wearing a girly sweater to stay warm. (it was on sale!)

My best friend Laura recommended "Younger Next Year" by Chris Crowley & Henry Lodge and it's a great book on taking care of yourself. It recommends "cutting out the crap" and that's what I'm trying to do, though a little candy never hurt anybody. I'm also kind of hooked on working out at the MAC. We'll see how long this lasts, LOL! But I'm feeling great!

I'm sure there's more happening in our life, but that's enough for now.

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