Monday, July 2, 2007

I love Denny

Gray's Anatomy lovers - I met Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and as you can see from the picture, it was love at first sight. At least on my part. (but seriously, look how perfectly matched our expressions & the tilt of our heads are - we are TOTALLY in synch! And both talking at once!) Wow, he was really handsome in person, and especially hot in the film, which was my nephew's new movie called Kabluey. Want to see another picture of Jeff? I do. This was his arrival on the red carpet at the LA Film Festival.

So, as you can guess, we attended the World Premiere of Kabluey last weekend in LA and had an amazing time. The movie was very well-received, and we're so proud of Scott, the writer, director and co-star with Lisa Kudrow.

This is Scott Prendergast in the center. Our family genius who made the big time!

Other stars attending the premiere and after-party were Lisa Kudrow, Christine Taylor & Ben Stiller, Conchata Ferrell and others, but I'm not swift enough to know who they all were floating around the room at this groovy, exclusive party! (Well, in this picture above it goes Lisa, Jeff, Scott, Christine and Conchata) Notice how Jeff is watching me take his picture? I'm sure he was smitten! And Norris is responsible for introducing us, so don't think I was being a hussy because he was right there with me!

Our kids came on the trip with us (except for Cam, who was busy going to a concert in Zurich!) and we had a swell family vacation including an afternoon riding the roller coasters at Universal.

Rest assured, this will be our Christmas Card picture this year. Ben Stiller and Christine were Hollywood gorgeous in person, and everybody is so much thinner than they look on screen! Egads, how do they do it!

Let me just think about it while I eat some lunch!

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