Friday, July 6, 2007

Summer Days

My huge blast of spring business has calmed down a little. I am focusing on my listings, as the number of showings is falling and inventory is rising. The summer market hums on and I am still being referred new buyers, though they don't often fit the houses I am trying to sell!

Now there's time for a swim at the end of the day, lots more reading, and plans for a little getaway to Sun River for golf and sun.

Cam is still in Europe, though they're down to their last country on the itinerary - his email messages make my day. Whit's friends and roomies and their extremely cute girlfriends joined our bbq on the 4th of July. Norris has moved his office to a new location and it's quite nice, and close to some fun shopping. We're planning Grandpa's 95th birthday party. My niece is getting married in August. This summer seems to be more about family.

Claire lost a 23-year old friend to cancer yesterday. She was in Mexico hoping for a cure through some experimental treatment after all else had failed. We had just contributed to a fund to get her there and I know she knows we did that for her. Still.......

I'm so glad our boys are home and all the extra mess is welcome, more than they'll ever know!

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