Monday, February 18, 2008

K & K's Wedding

We rented a Hummer for the rough drive up the mountain. There have been lots of news stories about the treacherous conditions getting to the mountain and it's been a very snowy year. The girlfriends were concerned about putting on chains (they went up the day before - without the men) and having a wedding on Mt. Hood in the middle of February seemed like it might be a bit tricky for the guests.

But it was a glorious drive to Mt. Hood yesterday. Portland had sun and 60 degrees so we knew it would be gorgeous at Timberline Lodge. The drive was quick and easy, and I snapped a few shots of the mountain on the way. There's 10 feet of snow along the road side and over 15 feet at Mt. Hood.

The snow was dirty and deep, but the roads were clear and dry.

Finally, we approached the lodge, and the parking lot was full by 10am. We were fortunate enough to be offered hotel parking, since we were clearly dressed for a wedding, and not for skiing!

Remember the movie "The Shining?" They used this lodge for the exterior of the hotel in the movie and it's fun to imagine what it would be like to be stranded here. REDRUM! If Jack Nicholson weren't chasing me around, I'd be fine in the bar on the top floor waiting for my rescue.

The hotel is just lovely, and the wedding was in a softly-lit room on a lower level, and the reception was at the very top. The view to the South was beautiful yesterday, and you could see Mt. Jefferson and the Sisters all the way south to Bend.

The bride was stunning, and her handsome groom was practically melting as he watched her recite her vows. The girlfriends were suffering from too much fun the night before, but we still had a wonderful day filled with love & laughter!

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