Sunday, April 6, 2008

Three Kims and a Fritz

So I must have jiggled the camera...and we hadn't even had a mimosa yet! Sorry about the blur.

Off to the Street of Eames with Kim & Fritz and Kim and Norris. The official Street of Eames website won't let me poach a pic of our favorite house, but it was the Saul Zaik in our neighborhood. Such gorgeous open spaces & I loved the curved fence!

After touring four houses, we made a pit stop and started hauling out all the food we brought. Such a feast, with champagne & tangerine juice, pinot gris, lots of wonderful spreads and crackers, meats, fruit & sweets. Who needs the last two houses? Not us... we came back home and opened more wine! Such a fun day with awesome friends.

After a power nap, Kim and I met the third Kim of the day at the Kingstad center for a benefit dinner. "How can we drink more wine? Let's switch to beer!"

'Lil Kim bought the most items from the auction... but I bought the worst junk. Anything to keep shoveling money into the coffers, though I couldn't possibly drink enough to get talked into bidding on that sailboat, sorry Rita!

Soon I'll be hitting the Nike Employee Store with Kim. (we each won a pass)

More Kim escapades to follow!

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