Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekend Update

Life has calmed down.

I have a house to show you. R's move from McMinnville to the big city will make her life so much more fun, and her commute only a few minutes instead of the better part of an hour.

The best part of this house? A bubbling creek and fire pit with stools made from old logs. It's like living in the country, but not. And such great sellers who have become her friends.

What else have I been looking at? Well, I want the perfect family home for two young doctors, and we're looking N, S, E & W. I'm also scouring Bridlemile and Ainsworth for two beautiful families. I've seen some awesome houses lately. Here are a couple of my favorites.

This house has been updated to the max. All the tile is a bit hard-edged for me, but it's a great property in a neighborhood with a pool.

This house is dynamite! Got 1.8 Mil? The decor is stunning.

What a beautifully remodeled kitchen! It's in a neat ranch house with a big back yard. Still under consideration by one client. (and if the location wasn't a bit tricky, it would have sold 10 times by now)

I loved this one. Mid-century, thoughtful design by a local architect. It sold with multiple offers in just a day or two.

I have the greatest job!

Update on my own house....

Siding almost complete, paint colors chosen, deck design/materials complete, and we're just waiting for them to finish their work. Our part is done except for writing the check. The pounding! It's been going on forever. One antique plate fell of a shelf and broke. After that we realized we needed to take things off the walls! It's like living inside a snare drum.

Speaking of snare drum, Cam and Betsy had a swell time in Wisconsin and met my baby brother. Whit and Noel are bronze and beautiful after a week in Hawaii. They saw Sayid! Claire got a $500 bonus after resigning on April Fools Day and then revealing that it was a prank. Best April Fools ever!

Norris and I are happily buzzing and planning our trip. We've made reservations for drinks at the Burj, which carries a cover charge of about $125. Who cares? It's the only 7 star hotel in the world!

Now if I could just get my taxes to the accountant...

Maybe I'll have time for an update on the Street of Eames... a fun date with two Kims and a Fritz.

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