Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's all in the details...

One of the things I'll often ask of people when they put their house on the market is that they put a spot of color on the front step These are great examples of color bowls!

This bedroom felt like a bed in the treetops. I love a small room that's filled with bed... it just made me want to climb in.

Everyone should use white towels and they should be monogrammed! Amen.

Perfectly staged bedroom... dolls, books and a cute hat placed on the pillows. Darling!

A perfect quote framed and hung above the bathtub!

This is one of the best benifits of my job! I love seeing the homes of fabulous people with amazing taste. I fell in love with the decor in the Champlain house. Zebra rugs and runners, ticking and stripes, silver sconces, lime green stripes. YUM.

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