Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So much to say, so many pictures to share...

Norris and I had a wonderful vacation in Arizona! I took tons of pictures!

We went through a fantastic Designer Showcase Home!($22,000,000 for just the house and you should have seen the furniture!) Claire put the whole thing together and it's pretty amazing! I have tons of pictures of that!

Lucy was adorable, and I have pictures of her! TJ was also adorable, but I don't have any pics, I don't think, oops!

We went to Tucson to stay with our friends (and Best Man!) Jim and Velma. We had a fabulous time, with nice nature walks, pool sitting, book reading and general hanging around, entertaining friends for dinner, and so forth. Just SUPER. I have lots of pictures from all of that.

BUT, the computer has been wonky, and my dear friend/client, Steven, the computer wizard, has talked me through a lot of fixes, so that's back. So, theoretically, I should be loading those pictures now.

But I just listed a new house and have been hustling around with all that, and I'm on my way out the door now to list another. I'm super-busy in the listing department, and dare I say, even have an offer sitting on my desk.

So, I'm too busy to play with pictures, but promise they'll be coming. Maybe tonight! LOST is on too!

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