Saturday, June 20, 2009

Scenes From The Nines

We spent the night in a hotel in downtown Portland last night. The Nines opened last October in the worst of times. Their occupancy hasn't been what they had hoped, so their prices are really attractive for such an upscale hotel. We decided to take advantage of it, and have a little get-away.

Dinner at Urban Farmer wasn't quite as wonderful as we'd hoped, but the hotel room didn't disappoint, and a night away was a perfect way to end my birthday.

The lobby featured mannequins, big jewels and high heels - fashionable art!

A ninth floor view of The Pioneer Courthouse and Pioneer Square, where we searched for the brick with our name engraved on it, but never found it!

I'd loved the decor - chic & a little bit fru-fru with a crystal chandelier & gold swirls in the wallpaper.

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