Monday, June 29, 2009

Ugly Door Contest

"If you live in the Portland Metro area and missed his show this week, Handyman Bob (one of my fave contractors, Bob Strong) announced a great contest. If you could really use a make-over on your front door, visit Bob's website, fill out the entry form and upload a picture of your "ugly" door. One of his listeners will be the lucky winner toward the end of the summer.

If you know someone else who could use the make-over more than you, share the opportunity. And, at the same time, let them know about the show and invite them to become a fan of Around the House with Handyman Bob Radio Show

If you'd like to hear about how awesome Bob is, just give me a call. He's tweaked my own front door (which isn't ugly anymore, but it used to be!) and fixed broken drawers, re-caulked the shower, and fixed all the little problems that piled up, but we just never got around to. I'd happily recommend him!

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