Monday, July 6, 2009

Brandstetter Family Reunion

Summer, 2010

Mirror Lake, Wisconsin Dells,

Picture us here....

I dibs being the cook.

Pam, Cary, Joe and Bedo. Spouses, nine kids. (all but two are already out of college) My kids haven't seen their Midwestern cousins since 1997!

Eight bedrooms, bunks above the boat house located down a dark, scary path through the woods, waterslides in one direction, Taliesen in the other. A trip to Sparta to see the second and third cousins, and, hopefully, a swim in the Sparta Pool, root of all my happiness....the planning starts now. I can hardly wait.


Anonymous said...

Ok, you have three not out of college, Brent Nate and Sophie.

Anonymous said...

Egads, you are correct, Granny! Elly Mae isn't very good at math!

Pam the quilter said...

I have no problem turning over my apron to you! Please, no roadkill for Jed and Jethro!