Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Cold Saturday

Wow, it was chilly today! Thank goodness for my car's heated seats! What a baby I've become after growing up in Wisconsin!

This morning I spent some time with my book, (I may never finish!) drank lots of coffee with Norris & Claire, and finally decided to head out around noon to look at pants at the GAP. I didn't get pants, but I found two wonderful sweaters on sale for $10 each!

In case you're wondering about the deal I was working on yesterday, we were able to pull it together & D has a new house! I also started working with M - a fun-sounding young condo buyer, who was a referral from Becky. Becky filled me in on her sister, Carrie (they are both clients and such awesome girls) who adpoted a beautiful baby girl from Ethiopia! I got a chance to hear all about it, and perhaps I can share a link to her blog...Maia is a gorgeous 6-month old girl! It's so fun for me to re-connect with my past clients and hear how their lives are going.

Last night I switched gears and tried a new recipe, which turned out to be quite good, and very easy. It was bow-tie pasta with tomato & brie.... here's the details...

While cooking a box of pasta, chop about 2 large, or 3-4 roma tomatoes, 3/4 cup fresh basil, 1/2 small red onion, 2 cloves garlic, and 12 oz brie (in small cubes) ... toss it all in a large pasta bowl with salt & pepper, and when the pasta's done, just stir it all together. The heat melts the brie, warms the tomato, & it's so delicious & quick!

I checked in with Cam and his first week of the trimester at U of O was great - he and Whit have a table tennis class together! He's also taking math, econ, psychology & a business computer class. Sounds like the musician is veering towards business. (yay!)

I'm finally getting used to my new Blackjack phone. It was hard to give up on using a Treo, since all my data was in Palm format, but the new model had such horrible reception that I had to return it. This slim, sleek little Blackjack has already made me forget all about my dear Treo! Converting all my data wasn't too horrible, and now I'm back in business.

Tonight we watched Little Miss Sunshine - what a funny, dark little film. It gives me high hopes for my nephew Scott's movie, which premieres in June at the L.A. Film Festival. Watch for news on Kabluey, starring Scott Prendergast and Lisa Kudrow. It's also a dark comedy, which he wrote, directed and starred in!

Yesterday I signed up to volunteer with the Western Farm Workers Association. I'll help deliver food, clothing & other resources to seasonal and service workers. The goal is to assist workers as farmers are being squeezed by growing competition from overseas. (I remember my mother helping migrant workers in Wisconsin when I was growing up and the crush I had on the cutest one of the boys, Rudy.)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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RicoVado said...

Hello. You seem like a decent person, hoping to help working families and the poor for all the right reasons.

As someone who shares your concerns for the disadvantaged, I am compelled to warn you away from the Western Farm Workers Association.

They are a front "entity" for the NATLFED network of cults. They are destructive towards members, and highly secretive about what they do with the resources they collect. They make a show about giving some to the poor and needy, but most of it goes to perpetuate the cult.

It's a scam, pure and simple, based on taking advantage of the good intentions of people in the progressive community.

Please, don't take my word for it. Google "NATLFED" and "cult". Note that Western Service Workers is a NATLFED front-group.

Check out this blog.

Feel free to email me if you want more information.

Good luck. And god bless you for wanting to do the right thing.