Friday, January 12, 2007


I've fiddled around with blogging during the last year, and read my favorites every day, so it's high time I get started with a blog about my little world. There's always something going on in my life, and of course you know I love to talk about myself, so welcome to my premiere post in the blog that's all about me.

Last night we had dinner with a business associate of Norris' and his new, young girlfriend. Claire joined us (she's leaving to go back to Phoenix on Sunday) and we had a nice, cozy dinner at Mingo. ( I had the Mingo salad - a very lemony caesar-like salad and seared scallops over lentils & arugula) The restaurant has 100-year old farm tables and lots of candles, and the best olive oil! It was so delicious and so olivey (imagine that!) that I had to ask what brand it was. It turns out it's their own "marinated" olive oil - they throw in a bunch of olives, bay leaves, rosemary, whole cloves of garlic & a touch of red pepper flakes and marinate it for a while. Then it's strained - it's still cloudy in the decanter - and served with amazing soft, crusty italian bread. I wanted to swipe the bottle. But instead, I'm going to try to make it myself!

Later last night, Cousin Charlie arrived in a hot new Mustang. He'll be visiting family and friends in Portland for 10 days and he's staying in our big, almost empty house. He's tons of fun and we love having him.

I'm working with a very fun new couple who have offered to buy a cute little house on a big corner lot. We're just a smidge apart in the negotiations, and last night we made one more attempt to come together on price. I'm very hopeful that today we'll seal the deal. If not, I get to spend more time with them, which is fine, since this all went very quickly and they're fun!

Today I have to spend at least a couple of hours reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. I'm on page 100 of 607 and I need to finish in time for my Book Club meeting on January 25. We have no major weekend plans, though Claire and I rented four movies and I feel like making chili or hearty soup of some sort.

Tonight's dinner: Thai-Style Steak Salad, courtesy of Martha Stewart.

One last thought...

Is it necessary to update my business card photo? It's about nine years old. A crucial nine years. But my hair is the same. So do I need to fess up and get a new photo? Because I don't want to.

Have a fun day!

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