Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is it wrong?

Gosh, how i lamented over our new exterior paint color. I drove around for weeks and looked at houses, picked up swatches from different stores, and generally fixated over getting this perfect color that I pictured in my head.

We bought (at $13/can) about 5 cans of paint and tested it on the house. Several other packets were tried. There was practically a quilt on the front of the house. We asked everyone who came over to vote.

Finally we found the right color but it was the wrong shade.

I went back to the paint store and got the next darker shade on their palette, but it was somehow too green.

Finally, I had him create a custom color which was the right darkness but not so green.

We LOVE it. All of our neighbors who stroll by or catch us in the supermarket tell us they are in love with it too. Our house finally looks snappy. It's only been painted for a month, but every time I drive home I'm so happy. Just yesterday my stager (who stages my listings) called and gushed over it. Wow, all that obsession paid off!

So of course last night a neighbor calls to ask me what exact color it is because they want to copy it. Here's where I pull out my "it's not a real color - we invented it" card because I DON'T WANT anybody else in the neighborhood to have the same color house! I've always hated it when people copy me. Do you know how hard it is to be an original??? I work at it, I tell ya.

So anyway, this doesn't deter him. He asked if he could bring his swatches over and hold them up to our house. How could I say no to that?

Is it wrong to be so selfish about this? Am I being ridiculous? Probably. But I'm still annoyed as heck.

(now you're going to want to see a picture of my house, aren't you? I'm afraid it won't live up to the hype, LOL)


Anonymous said...

But you didn't post a pic of the house and color! I want to see the color and I promise I won't copy it. Claire in SF, who is catching up on your blog.

cary perk said...

I'll post a before and after as soon as I can find a before pic! The after is so much prettier when you can see how far it came.