Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My next obsession

Even though I don't know how it works yet, I know I'm obsessed with my new Apple TV.

Not as much as she is. But I'm expecting big things.

Thanks to my brilliant children for knowing I need this and to my dear darling for giving me a fabulous Mother's Day present, even though I'm not his mother. The kids do an excellent gifting job on their own, but don't tell him that he can stop with the presents.

More on my new toy when I get all the required cables. (that don't come in the box)

And if you know me, which you probably do or you wouldn't be here, you'll know that of course now I'll have to buy a new video camera ... all my listings are all going to be on YouTube before the end of the summer.

I hope this doesn't mean Norris needs a new tv.

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