Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy Weeks = No Blogging!

The last two weeks have been reminiscent of life as a Realtor, circa 2005. Super busy, with listings receiving multiple offers, and buyers having to fight to get the property they're after.

I'm also now using my phone for email, which I've rebelled against for a long time because I hate the constant interruptions. But with all these deals circulating, it's nice to know the moment the documents arrive, etc. Still, it's too much! All this phone time is starting to make my head explode!

Two busy weeks! I thought I might post the objects of my clients' affection, so you can see where I've been hanging out lately.

So this cute little condo in NW is going to be the second home of a lovely mid-westerner!

This darling Hawthorne farmhouse will belong to a member of our Mother and Daughter Book Group come Monday! She's a med student and one day soon she'll be my doctor!!

I've received a lot of interest in this property, and our first offer didn't go together. The buyer is back. I'm hoping to make it happen this time. We're about $10,000 apart.... let's see what happens on Monday!

Ahh, this gorgeous property is my newest listing, that just came on the market. It sits on the Alameda ridge, overlooking a beautiful golf course! For $799,000 it can be yours. (It's a Richard Sundeleaf, built in 1952)

I started off Monday morning with three interested bidders on this property. We're on to #2, and it's looking like it might go to #3. Everybody still wants a bargain, and this is a primo house that doesn't warrant a huge discount. Well-priced at $399,000, we're sticking to our guns.

Two offers on Laurie's condo! It's a little cutie, but I'm glad we've gotten it sold!

What an adorable cottage on a double lot in Belmont. Even though it's pending, I continue to get calls. It's the best thing out there - a huge double lot in an excellent neighborhood. An organic gardener is going to make this property rock!

I've only had one appointment this weekend - and my boys are home. Last night we saw the new Star Trek movie and celebrated their birthdays. We grilled, ate outisde in the evening sunshine, and I finally got to bake the root beer bundt cake. A just reward for a couple weeks of hard work!

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