Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend update

What a great, long weekend!

The neighborhood pool opened for the year, so I got to try out my new Target swimsuit. I smuggled in a can of Pabst in a coozie, and turned up my iPod to drown out the sound of screeching children hitting each other with those big noodles...When I woke up (yes, I went right to sleep - it has been a long few weeks!) the urchins were gone and I was treated to some perfect sun time. Thank goodness Portland's weather is starting to turn summery!

The boys came home for the weekend, and we went out to Cafe Yumm on Saturday night. (A Eugene staple that's finally opened in Portland) Afterwards we went to the mall for Norris' iPhone, and did a little shopping for shorts & flip flops.

On Sunday we drove to Gearhart to spend the day with Norris' sister, Kathie, and her husband Mark. They have a sweet beach house on the best strip of Gin Ridge, where we saw an impromptu family parade in honor of Memorial Day - these things just happen in Gearhart, a cute, old beach town. We did a little shopping and I got some amazing champagne glasses and some salt water taffy. Dinner was Copper River salmon, which was to die for!

On Monday we had Norris' birthday dinner, with some good salads and rhubarb crunch cake. (Every year it's a new rhubarb recipe and I'm not sure if this one is a keeper...) Norris and I are so happy when the boys are home, and the puppies were happy to see each other too. They ran circles at the schoolyard until they were too tired to move. Here's how they ended up...they always find a patch of sunlight.

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