Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

A quick summary:

The boys came home, including Peter. That alone made my weekend, as we were planning to go visit them and it saved the long drive. I received a huge box of my favorite candy from Claire (and there's something else still in the mail!) and a gorgeous big black iron bowl from the boys (shown below on a messy table - see my basil and cilantro plants? )

Noel delivered beautiful roses, and Whit bought Thai take-out for dinner and served it to me on the special plate (a very cute touch - we haven't brought that plate out for ages!) I even received gorgeous flowers from a new client, and I appreciated her friendship as well!

I had the BEST weekend, with the only bad part being that Claire lives so far away, but we talked a lot all weekend... it was a perfect Mother's Day!

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