Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Book Club Beach Weekend

We haven't held our book club anywhere but each others' homes in a long time. There was a memorable mountain trip, but we usually find it hard to organize everyone and all our various schedules, and often give up. But recently, we started a bucket list, and a beach weekend was one of the first items on the list. And so it began.

We're a competitive bunch, and I was arguably the worst golfer there, but I won! And it wasn't because I was keeping score! Really!

It all started with golf, moved on to grilled shrimp and many bottles of chilled white wine, then a competitive and hilarious game of cranium, and finally, dancing.

(You can't imagine how many of these photos didn't make the blog!)

The next morning, the weather was beautiful, though we didn't all feel quite so beautiful, so we dragged ourselves to a waterfront restaurant for chowder, burgers and fish.

Shopping, a trip to the beach, and then home for fajitas and our book discussion.

Our book club bylaws stipulate that there must be red wine and candy. We had sangria and bushels of candy! We like to follow the rules to a T.

Kathy's beach house is adorable, and look at the pretty view!

Sunday morning's bloody marys, glorious sunshine and hours of chit chat on the deck made for a perfect ending to a wonderful, memorable weekend.

It's already been 14 years since Kristin started our group, and we've weathered all kinds of storms. But here we are, still, bound by friendship, love of books, and together for the long haul. So what's next on the bucket list?

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