Sunday, August 9, 2009

How I spent my summer - Camp 2009

Bag o' omelettes

Freshly corn-rowed and zonked

Unbelievable cheese/corn dip. We didn't have room for dinner after inhaling this.

Stacy frying up some bread, Dave adding comic relief

Dave and Norris

Brady (Chip) Alex, Whit, Orrin

Glen and Deb

The center of our camping universe


Whit and Orrin diving off the boat for frisbees (and Deb)

Glen and Norris

Ryan and Kim

Captain Fun

The girls (Bailey, Alex and Alex)

Dave and Alex. Did we really have three Alexes on this trip?

Whit and Kyle, the reason this group even knows one another. Thank goodness for soccer tryouts in 1984! 15 years of family friendship.

Kyle being forced to drink out of a girlie Margarita glass

Dave and Kim cutting the rug/dirt


While Stacy wasn't busy making incredible food, or offering the utmost in hospitality at their base camp, she wove a simple wreath from sticks, leaves and ferns. She's so talented, and you should hear her whistle!

Our trip was amazing, in spite of rain, cold, delays, and a forecast that actually said SNOW! We took it in stride and had a wonderful time, just as we did last year!

Next year? Yes! Group Campsite for 70. Watch for your invitation!

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