Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Team Chase

Cam's childhood buddy is in critical condition, after an accidental fall down the stairs on to a concrete floor. No one is sure how long he was there before they found him, but it is guessed that it is somewhere near one hour.

He has been in an induced coma for about 9 days, and they have been slowly bringing him out of it. Today he is expected to open his eyes.

It's going to be a super hard day for his family. Up until now it has been almost surreal. Today it is going to be very real.

I'm going to sit in the waiting room with them, along with about 50 kids who come every day for their vigil.

Chase's mom, Kristin, started my book club a long time ago - we're her ya-yas, and we've been doing all that we can for her throughout this ordeal. Sitting in the waiting room doesn't seem like much, but it's all we can do. That, and to continue to feed the nurses. I'm always good for some cookies.

Tomorrow we're supposed to go camping for five days. There is some rain in the forecast and the trip is hanging in the balance.

Watching and waiting. I'm doing a lot of that lately.

A nice column about Chase was in the Oregonian today...

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