Friday, October 2, 2009

Current Obsessions

1. Tailgate food (this week's fare: meatball sandwiches & mac n cheese)
My diet is going nowhere during Ducks Football.

2. New babies
(Parker and Julie, Taylor & Jakob, Grayson, 2 great nephews/nieces on the way)

3. My new little camera - it's magenta

4. Big necklaces

5. Project Runway

6. New little friends - children of clients
(R & C, K & A)

7. My tomatoes. STILL.

8. Olive Kitteridge
(the book group is reading one I've already read, so I'm devouring a few extras)
finished and loved it. next up:
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

9. The japanese sweater store I went to in Soho. I WISH they had mail order.

10. Having Whit living at home!

11. Starting to see Christmas stuff in stores. It irritates me, but makes me want to shop.

12. My new (very old) little table

13. Potluck nights

14. The pleasure of being busy in Real Estate again.

1 comment:

hiD said...

I'd love to see your mac & cheese and tomatoes recipes.