Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Currently ignoring this blog

In favor of this one:

I took a trip to Seattle last week and really grooved on all the tecnique I learned about proper blogging to get results on Google, which is what I should be doing for my business, instead of blogging as a personal endeavor.... so I will probably veer towards keeping this one for friends and family, and putting all real estate content on It is still very much under construction, but I'm plugging away.

While we're on the subject of Seattle, I have to laugh about my midwestern upbringing, and the lack of anything LARGE. (landmarks! not big cheese eating, beer-drinking folk! That we have in abundance!)

I'm still unsettled when I see something really huge, like the Statue of Liberty, a really huge bridge, like the Mackinac Island bridge, or two landmarks that give me the creeps when I drive to Seattle: Mt. Rainier and the Tacoma Dome. Eek! I freak out when I round that curve and the Dome is right there. It's huge, and ugly, and my stomach rolls when I see it. Same for Mt. Rainier, even though I adore Mt. Hood, I guess I can abide its hugeness because I'm used to it. But Mt. Ranier still gives me a fright! Good thing it's usually obscured by clouds!

I stayed in the middle of downtown and had a meeting at Pier 66. I wasn't sure of the parking situation, though I was leaving town immediately aftewards, but I decided to hoof it, and enjoyed the most wonderful walk through the Market, got an amazing french cookie and espresso, and even brought home a bright pepper garland. On the way back to the hotel, I had to stop for some fresh made cheese (grilled with fresh tomato and basil) for the drive home.

It was such a wonderful stay that I convinced Norris to go back for a weekend to celebrate our anniversary - either the weekend of the Washington/Oregon football game, or for a more relaxing time, maybe on our actual anniversary, so we can concentrate on more important things. Shopping and eating, people!

Thanks to USGS for the great Mt. Rainier photo.

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