Monday, August 4, 2008

Flugtag Saturday

It all started with parachuters rocketing out of the sky and landing on the ramp overlooking the Willamette. Precision landing, huge excitement, a roaring crowd.

80,000 people came to watch the wacky and weird contraptions attempt to fly off the ramp. (the same number who came to hear Obama!)

People were jamming the bridges. Can you see them all along the railing?

It's hard to believe all of these people were on boats! It was like a parking lot out there in the river. One giant happy parking lot - with grills smoking and beers cracking open.

This is the first entry - a beaver, being rolled off the ramp by a bunch of Oregon ducks. Of course, Beavers can't fly!!

Penny was everyone's favorite, with her little aqua dog jacket, and we just passed her from boat to boat! She had so much fun she was smiling!

Captain Fun, with his pocket full of beer.

The beautiful people, D&D, rushing her off to catch a flight to New York.

The crew. I love these people! K&G, Captain & Mrs. Fun, D&D... oldest and dearest.

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Binky, Blogging and Such said...

You made it to the Flugtag... and I'm envious that you did! Because I thought Aug 2nd was Sunday :-( Don't you love the Lego guys? I know I do! Talk to you soon. --Shirley W.