Monday, August 25, 2008

Two pieces of good news

Kim and Tom's dog, Addie, is going to be fine. She had been sick for days on end, not eating, and not getting around, and she was thought to have swallowed something plastic that was lodged and not coming out on its own.

Last night she had surgery, and they removed a big black chunk of plastic (a toy?) and a Livestrong bracelet. Yeah, you can live strong if you don't eat Livestrong bracelets!

Seriously, thank goodness she's OK!

Secondly, I received the most gorgeous gift today from some amazingly fine people, who shall remain nameless, but whom I love like crazy, even without the beautiful bag. But would you look at this thing? It has a little pocket inside for my phone and one for my glasses. And it sometimes looks black, but it's actually a beautiful shade of blue. YUMMY.

Two absolutely terrific things to be happy about and I am.

1 comment:

Kim said...

You are too sweet. Thanks for all the good wishes for Addie.
Sweet purse!
Kabluey was a hit. Your nephew has talent. I look forward to his next creation. Hmmmm I wonder who going to be in the movie? Hopefully his favorite Auntie.