Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jo Dizzle

When you decide to become a Realtor with Windermere, you commit to donating a portion of the commission from every sale to the Windermere Foundation.

Besides our ongoing donations, we have mini-fundraisers throughout the year, capped off with a mad dash at the year's end to fill up the coffers.

What does the Foundation do with all of that money? (it amounted to millions over the last few years) Well, since we're all about homes, we help the homeless and low-income families with emergency and transitional housing, health care, employment and training, day care, scholarships and more. We specifically look to fund programs that help children.

So when the Windermere Foundation Board decided to put on a Cabaret, with all of the local offices parading their talent, the Johnson office decided to go with the unexpected. (we do have sort of a hoity-toity clientele and are the top producers on the West Side) We brainstormed some song parodies and came up with an act that brought the house down.

Best of all, we had a hilarious time doing it, with great wine-fueled practices and new friendships formed. And here, with no further ado, is Jo Dizzle.

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Tom said...

Hilarious. Bravo!