Saturday, August 16, 2008


I have my son, Whit, to thank for this fabulous and easy dinner idea...

I bought a little tub of jalapeno artichoke dip at the grocery store (Lamb's Thriftway makes a good one) because I just discovered that the boys love it. It's one of those reipes that I never make because everybody else does and I pretty much burned out on it over the years.

I was planning a good dinner for tonight because Whit would be in town, and now that he's a working man, we don't get to see him often enough.

So I grabbed the dip and some flax seed chips, plus a pack of steaks to throw on the grill, and some fresh cauliflower to roast.

But as we were getting ready for dinner, he told me to try grilling the steaks on one side, and then flipping them and topping the cooked side with the artichoke spread. "Like cheese on a cheeseburger, Mom." was soooo good! I strongly recommend this for a quick and easy dinner that's flavor packed & crazy good!

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