Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kids and Dogs

Claire came home for a quick visit, so Cam & Betsy brought Peter to Portland so she could see/meet? him. Bean couldn't have been happier! They just frolic and roll around endlessly.

Claire actually has the cutest dog on the planet. Lucy is just darling, and will never outgrow that adorable puppy stage - so our puppies had a long way to go to impress her.

Her first impression, as she met Bean was that he looks like a piece of art rather than a dog. Or an insect or a bird. He is definitely odd-looking, maybe because of his extremely long, skinny legs. But we think he's beautiful.

For some reaon, Pete looks and acts like an actual dog, even though he's practically Bean's twin. They're litter mates, and have similar markings. He's just a little bit larger. Claire loved them both!

We're currently still "babysitting" for Peter, as Cam and Betsy have rehearsals for 12 hrs/day for the Oregon Marching Band.

Norris and I decided that we really don't like it when all 3 dogs have a sleepover in our bedroom. It's like the raptors in the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park.

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