Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Reception Starts in One Hour

I decided to make use of the time between the wedding and reception to come home and load a few pictures so Claire can see her friend's wedding pictures as soon as possible!

I also founds the Ducks/Purdue game on TV - so I'm perfectly happy to spend this next hour on the couch!

Here's Joann, escorted by Mark & Teddy,
Meg, the maid of honor,
Married Joyce
Teddy and Tim
Jodi & Jill

I love their whole family so much and it's SO good to see them all!
Their older girls were our first babysitters! Joyce and Teddy were my kids' best friends. Joann and Tim were the most wonderful neighbors. It's a delight to be here!

And the poor Ducks are looking pretty bad - it's currently 20-3. Maybe it's time for a drink at the reception!

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