Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What, me? Go Camping?

With scenery like this, Detroit Lake can even entice me to camp, especially when your party includes two boats and the world's best cronies!
I always profess that I am NOT a camper. But this invitation was too good to pass up - and for the first time ever, I slept on the ground in a tent!

Sippy cups of Captain's punch - the signature drink of the trip (Malibu, mango juice, tonic & lime) and our happy party.

Kim tears it up on the skis, and even slaloms for a while when her foot pops out of a ski. You should see her wave to the shoreline! She's our princess!

Alex was our capable crew, driver, water boy, bartender, and all-around awesome companion. We've known him for 10 years and he keeps getting smarter and cooler and more capable! I'm so glad he came along!

Kimmy's tuckered out and soaking up the late afternoon rays.

Dave & Deb - acting like happy teenagers.

Penny and Bart are great boat dogs - they love to swim & shake ... over and over and over. When everybody's wet already, who cares? We love them!

Back at camp, starting cocktail hour, deciding on steak or chicken, and blasting the oldies. The tempo of our togetherness was in perfect synch. I guess when you've been friends for this long, it's easy.

We chose steak! Yum, it was amazing. Only one steak fell in the fire so we gave it to the boy from Montana, who didn't mind a bit.


Campfire shenanigans, sleeping dogs, self-portraits, congenial political conversations, wine and too much food. A perfect trip.