Thursday, September 11, 2008

What have I been doing?

Met our cool Vermont cousins (Norris' NYC cousin Steve's son, wife & girls) and it got me thinking about the next generation of the Perkins family.

As far as Perkins boys go, Dix, the oldest, had Suzy and Steve. Their kids had only girls. (four, so far) Andrew, shown above with his two girls, is the only hope for a Perkins son from this branch of the family tree.

Jim's kids, Heather and Jamie aren't married, and don't have any kids.

Of Norris'(Dad's)kids, there are two girls and one boy. (Perk)
Our boys are the only ones left with the Perkins surname and who might have kids, hopefully a bunch of boys! (Granted, they have four boy cousins, who have a total of 6 sons - the boy thing must be working out here in the Northwest) but Whit and Cam are the only ones carrying on the Perkins family name.)

No pressure! Just an observation brought on after meeting these adorable girls. (named Hadley & Merritt)

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