Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Anniversary Weekend

Norris, Whit and I flew to Phoenix and Claire was waiting for us at the airport. She had gotten us a room at the Valley Ho (complimentary, thanks to her wonderful job)and we just loved it! It's a fabulous, renovated 50's hotel, and it was always swinging! The pool scene was fabulous, and we spent a LOT of time in the groovy bar. (It made me want to sell our house and buy a mid-century house, as it's a style that we both adore)

Sushi for lunch at RA. Whit loves this place, so it was our first stop!

Cam & Betsy have arrived - they're staying near campus with the Oregon Band, but we got them for the night! Dinner at TeePee - amazingly good, authentic Mexican food.

Where is Norris' moustache? He shaved it to surprise the kids! Who was the most surprised by this? Probably me! This day was our 27th anniversary and I had never seen his upper lip in 28 years! None of us are used to it. The verdict is out on his growing it back~

Betsy and TJ

The U of O/ASU football game on Saturday night, after dinner with the Adams at In 'n Out. It was super fun! And the Ducks looked great. We won!

We were only 6 rows from the top of the stadium. But the Ducks crowd was amazing and we basically outcheered the ASU fans! Such a good time!

After breakfast on Sunday, we stopped in a funky gift shop, where TJ discovered how he'd look with a ponytail.

Norris and Whit had to leave on Sunday night, but I've got one more night to go before I fly to Palm Springs for the Windermere Symposium. So Claire provided yet another aMAZing hotel room for me - this one at the Royal Palms - where we were greeted with a bottle of Moet and Godiva chocolates... We spent the afternoon at the pool.

Dinner poolside.

The men have left for the airport, Cam and Betsy are probably already home (they flew with the Oregon Band) and I'm alone in my ($450!!) free room with wine and cheese, my little laptop, and a big comfy bed!

This was one of the best weekends I can remember. We had such fun with kids, TJ & Betsy, and we really relaxed, had great meals, absolutely perfect weather, and a bit of good shopping!

Happy Anniversary to us!


Tom said...

Wow. What a great get-a-way! And the Ducks won! Can't believe about Norris's 'tache. Must have been a shocker.

Happy Anniversary!

Binky! said...

Happy Anniversary too! Didn't know you are away until I read your blog. BTW, I just posted some cute pictures of Ian and his *cough, cough* girl *cough* friend in my blog. Check it out!