Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Portland Real Estate Down 7.6%

I love (and by love, I mean don't love) the way the media tries to make the Real Estate market look as bad as it possibly can.

He writes, "In fact, Portland and Seattle now rank at or near the bottom of the top tier cities that fall outside the worst of the worst markets primarily found in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada."

Oh, so if you throw out all the really bad markets, including four entire states, and then exclude all of the small towns, or towns that aren't "top-tier," which I take to read as large cities, then we are at the bottom of what is left?

And even then, "The cities ahead of Portland are: Dallas (-2.7 percent), Charlotte (-2.8 percent), Boston (-4.7 percent), Denver (-5.1 percent), Cleveland (-6.6 percent) and New York (-6.9 percent). But of those cities, which ones would you want to live in? No offense, Charlotte, Cleveland and Dallas.

So really, it's not as bad as this article makes it sound.

-7.6% is looking like a great investment compared to my stock portfolio!

Don't give up on Portland Real Estate! Thanks to our Urban Growth Boundary, there are only so many houses to go around, and Portland is a hugely desirable place to live. I'm currently working with buyers from Texas, Seattle, Hong Kong and Israel. I'm doing my best to help the numbers!

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