Saturday, October 11, 2008

The week in review

So what's new?

The weather has turned, and it's time to put away shorts and start wearing pants again. I try to hold out as long as possible, but I think I'll be wearing jeans to the Ducks game today - it's going to be cold tonight. (it's an evening game) We have a leisurely day, with our only care being a hand-off of a new suit that we're delivering to our friends' son in Eugene - other than that, we're just laying low and getting ready for the trip to Eugene and the weekend.

This morning we went on a hunt for my Ducks gloves - green knitted gloves purchased last year at a cold football game - and in the process, we cleaned out both coat closets (we have an adult one and a kid one) and never found those gloves but found about 30 other pairs. I had to laugh at how many pairs of leopard / animal print gloves I've been given as gifts. People really must think I'm Cher! Seriously, I love animal print, but no more gloves. (Or salt and pepper sets, thanks!)

Last week I helped out a friend and picked up her girls at their schools so she could unpack without interruption. They wanted to listen to music and wondered if I had any kids CD's. I turned on the CD player in the car, and it's still got Christmas CD's in it, and they loved that - so I'm already starting to get in the mood for holiday shopping. Scary, but true.

Work is busy, but sales are slow. Buyers are starting to want to buy "on contract," which is surely a sign of the times. My two new listings this week are getting some decent play, and let's hope they are "just what we've been waiting for!" for somebody out there. Pricing homes is an art, and I hope we've hit the right number to prompt a quick sale.

Want to see them?

This one is $1.25 million and of course I want to live there. It's definitely my favorite style of house, and makes me homesick for our PA house, which was very much the same but not as deluxe inside... The seller is moving to California. He's promised me some shoes! LOL! He's in the shoe biz and by shoe biz, I don't automatically mean Nike!

If you want to see the inside of this place, check out the photo gallery on or else come to my open house on Sunday, Oct 19! It's such a groovy pad!

This one is $300,000 and is perfect for someone who wants to retire and putter around in the garden. There are fruit trees, figs,grapes, raspberries, lots of Christmas trees and it is all surrounded by greenspace and a creek. It's a little slice of heaven!

I sold it to a dear couple in 2002, and lately the wife's health is deteriorating and she's now living in an adult care facility. Paul is a flirt and is still about 99% with it, but he just can't hear the phone ring, LOL, which makes it hard to set appointments to show the place - I've driven to Milwaukie three times this week just to talk to him. I had to give him some cell phone lessons!

This one will probably sell quickly - it's a little cream puff! (in fact I just had a phone call on it as I was typing this!)

(gosh I need a hair cut)

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of presenting a $10,000 check from the Windermere Foundation to Ken Cowdery, Executive Director, and Amy Smith, Director of Development for New Avenues for Youth. Do you know about New Avenues? They help homeless teens in Portland get off the street and teach them skills - and they're one of Windermere's favorite organizations to help with our $$.

I bought tickets to Phoenix this week, and we get to be with all the kids on our 27th anniversary We're taking Whit down with us, Cam and Betsy are going down with the U of O band, so well all get to have dinner together. We'll watch, or go to the Ducks game together with Whit, Claire and TJ. Just a little weekend getaway, but we're excited for it.

Time for more coffee, a wardrobe review, to find warm, yellow clothes (it's Homecoming and everyone is supposed to wear yellow) and a little dog walking. Isn't Bean cute?

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