Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ho Ho Gifts

I can't get over how many stories I've heard lately from friends and clients whose families are struggling with lost jobs, hard times, and money problems. It really makes you think about holiday gifting, and makes lavish displays seem more unnecessary than usual.

Far be it from me to trash extravagance, as my idea of Christmas is more more more. My family always had big Christmas celebrations and I've always done the same. There's something about childhood and Christmas and having my folks be gone, and no snow, and the music...I get all nostalgic and go shopping.

This year I'm seriously going to switch gears.

We were talking in the office about gifts for special clients, and how in one of the most devastating years in a long time, my Realtor friend will still be giving gifts from Tiffany's. It's his way of saying that I'm still thriving and you can count on me. (And if you're reading this, Poopsie, I love your idea and it's really you!)

But now that I've spent time working on ideas, I think I'll take the opposite approach, and bake or give something home made. (even though I'm also still thriving and can be counted upon, LOL) I love something clever that someone took the time to actually make for me, and my gift will hopefully convey that it was made with love. There are no spoilers here - but if you're on my list, your gift won't arrive in a turquoise box.

Speaking of good, frugal ideas, this is a party waiting to happen... I got the idea from one of my favorite blogs/radio shows. I hope you like it!

Ho-Ho gifts that come with rules.

Rule One: You have one ho-ho gift wrapped for everyone you will share the holiday with (if it's a crowd, then you just bring whatever you can). The idea is that there will be several gifts for each person.

Rule Two: No money can be spent. Ho-ho gifts have to be things you want to get rid of. We are talking about anything - the uglier, more bizarre, more mundane the better.

Rule Three: All the gifts are piled together and then passed out one by one around the room from right to left as the group chants, "Ho, Ho, Ho; Ho, Ho, Ho," etc. Once everyone has a gift in their hands, they tear into it.

Rule Four: Now the real fun starts. Everyone has opened their gifts. Then they have a minute or two to decide to keep that gift or try to trade it for another person's ho-ho. Cajoling and begging are encouraged.

Then you pass the next round of Ho-Ho's. It's something to consider.

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