Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My progress so far

Here's what's done:

~ cookie exchange invitations out
~ cookie recipe tried & ready
~ family in far away places - gifts wrapped and ready to go
~ friends in far away places - gifts partially wrapped and almost ready to go
~ package mailed to friend's son in Irag
~ Christmas cards for clients and family ordered
~ Holiday gifts for clients/friends underway
~ two scarves knitted!

Not done:

~ tree
~ lights
~ house decorations
~ family shopping
~ cards
~ gifts for clients

So....the bottom line appears to be that I've taken care of pretty much everybody but my immediate family. Oh well, they're the FUN ones to shop for!

It feels like my deadlines are being met, in terms of mailing stuff. That's always the killer!

But right now? I'm off to the mall to return a few impulse purchases that just aren't going to work out... and maybe pick up my last gift for out of town mailing...

Cam and Betsy arrive home tonight! The holiday begins with the arrival of the first kid!


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