Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Little Trip

I've just learned that my Uncle has passed away. We called him "Gooner," which is how he pronounced junior when he was a boy.
He was my mom's brother and they were extremely close. We spent a ton of time together growing up, and his 6 kids are my only cousins. Gooner was a very friendly, social guy - always dropping in to say hello and shoot the breeze over a Diet Coke. He called me "Legs."
I'm leaving town to head back to Sparta for the services. It will be absolutely wonderful to see all my siblings and their kids, plus my 6 cousins, and become reacquainted with them and all their children and even a grandchild! That part of the trip is going to be terrific. Saying goodbye to Uncle Gooner will be hard, but he was ready.

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Badger said...

Aw Cary, I'm sorry about your Uncle Gooner. He sounds like quite a guy.