Thursday, December 18, 2008


Thank GOODNESS I had several days with no appointments, as I've been slaving away over the CD burner, and making liner notes, and writing cards, and running out for envelopes and the proper stamps, in case I can't make it to the post office because of the weather, and just churning out greetings to my dear clients, who I LOVE, but this is taking a long time! Check out my production line... (I can safely post this now, since they are in the mail)

And in between, I've made the most incredible olives,
which forced me to have a martini, in which these olives are THE BOMB! (recipe upon request!)

And then I've also made some spiced pecans, and some sugar cookies with a bit of almond frosting, and I've tried out a new pork tenderloin recipe, and made chili.... and more cookies... and then more cards. Seriously, it's a production studio over here.

All we're doing is eating, and cooking, and baking, and writing notes and burning CD's...and I couldn't be happier, since I have one child at home - the funniest one - for comic relief, and luckily, we have a car that can get us to the grocery store, and today we are trying THE MALL, but in spite of not going anywhere, we have been busy and having a lot of fun!

Do you like the stamps? I love the chair and the coffee pot!

Seriously, this snow storm has made me the happiest I've been since the last snow storm. A Wisconsin girl needs snow, I tell ya.

Have fun! Enjoy the snow and the season...

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