Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brandstetter & Riley Reunion

The Brandstetters
Pam. Cary, Joe, Bri (in order of age! I'm second from the top)

The kids (who were able to make it to Sparta)
Nate, Ben, Sophie, Laura, Brent

Cousin Kevin, Pam, Connie, Sophie, Ben and Laura

Bri and Kevin - looking at old family photos

My old High School boyfriend, Jamie!
(who later became my cousin, LOL, when his mom married my uncle)

Cousin Kathy, Pam and Bri

Bri's ex-wife, Brent and Sophie's mom, Connie.

Tish and Reenie, my cousins

Tim, Tim and Bob, the cousins' husbands, all Sparta boys!

Kevin and Tish (my godchild!)

And a bunch of miscellaneous family shots.

More photos to come, once I get home and have access to my photo reader...

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Poppy Buxom said...

They all look great, but you look fantastic!