Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years Resolution?

Since I had to fly out to the Midwest on New Year's Day, and thoughts of the trip dominated my last few days of 2008, I haven't given much thought to Resolutions.

Instead of making yet another new year's resolution aimed at self-improvement, consider what Sally Swift, the managing producer of The Splendid Table, often does. She picks a cookbook that's new to her and cooks her way through it during the coming year. She says it's a fun and simple way to learn a new cuisine. Select the book, stock your pantry with the staples unique to the cuisine you'll be "studying" and you're good to go. I love this idea! Time for a cookbook shopping trip...I'm thinking of Indian food - Norris and I both love it.

Of course, self-improvement isn't a bad thing, and I've made myself a few promises along that line. We'll see what the new year brings. All that Indian food might do damage to one of them, but as my old friend Mimi says, "Everything in Moderation!"

Wishing everyone peace, prosperity and good health!


Kim said...

absolutely love this idea. Indian or Thai? I may be a too scatter brained for this. Have you decided on a cookbook?

cary perk said...

No, I haven't. Let's go cookbook shopping this weekend!