Monday, January 12, 2009

A few more pics for my fam...

Feel free to ignore this if you don't know the Brandstetters or the Rileys!

Look at these adorable troublemakers! Nate is Joe all over again. (And since I hadn't seen the nieces and nephews in a few years, he was the biggest surprise!) Brent has the "I'm in college and I can get away with murder," look going, doesn't he?

Here is my very oldest and dearest friend, Laura, and her husband John. I love them more than words can say! They were having the most stressful weekend ever and yet they came out to dinner with us during an ice storm!

Only in Sparta will you find a 14 year old in the bar with her partying folks. Sophie drank POP, I tell ya! On the right is our new friend, Andrea, who is Joe's oldest friend Steve's girlfriend. It was a blast seeing them both and we laughed for hours on end! And Steve's lawyerly advice on what to do in case of a DUI was priceless!

Here's Steve, with Laura and John & Bri. Andrea and Steve don't always dress like that in Sparta, although Steve is now very important, they had just come from a wedding.

Our youngest niece, Sophie! Enjoying an amazing pasta dish - and she needed all those carbs because she went off to a big, important dance competition right after this trip. How'd it go, Soph?

Where's Heidi? Bummer, she couldn't come home from Hawaii to the 6 degree weather. We missed you, Heidi! See, you even made the family photos we took!

Pam, Laura and Joe. Such a cute shot! Like father, like daughter!

Cousin Kathy and her oldest and dearest, Julie. Julie is the younger sister to my other oldest and dearest friend, Betsy! Good old Sparta is one big circle! (It also helps that there were only 6,258 people in town when I was growing up! Now there are over nine thousand!)

Here, Pam helps me to hold in my stomach for the picture.

It was so good to see Steve again. These two have an incredible history. I'm afraid to hear it, LOL, but it should be written. I'm sure it would be a bestseller.

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Binky! said...

You look great, Cary and nice scarf too! What a big happy family.