Monday, January 12, 2009

Pam's Talent

While I was staying with my sister last week, I wandered into her sewing room and found this quilt fabric laid out. She was moving the squares around to make just the right combinations of Mary Engelbreit fabrics and it was fun trying to put the perfect contrasting center piece on each large block. After switching them around, we put them all back, having decided she had already done it perfectly.

I knew her closet held the finished projects (those that hadn't already been given away. She has made many a quilt for friend and family, and the amount of work and her generosity are incredible) so I asked her to show me her stash. Look at the stack of quilts!

I had to pull them out and play with them (and grab my camera!) Look at all the color combinations! And the stitching, if you can see it, is often in a shape that matches the quilt. (like snowflakes on a Christmas quilt, etc)

I love the primary colors - and look at the stitching!

This one perfectly matches the colors in her hallway, and it hangs over the railing at the top of the stairs. (She gave me a Christmas quilt a couple of years ago in this same pattern)

These colors look so drab, thanks to my lousy photography skiills and the old camera that I take when I travel. But trust me, they're rich and gorgeous in person.

Pam's first quilt. I almost thought you could play checkers on it! It's a table runner - she makes all quilts in all sizes, from placemat to bed-sized quilts. Her house is filled with her handiwork, and it changes by season! (Whereas I'm lucky if I can find my two store bought valentine decortations)

I love all these bright ones! She's a fall colors girl, and I like them loud. No surprise there.

Valentine's day and Fourth of July!

Squirrels and pumpkins! All out of the softest flannel. This one is going to be so great when fall rolls around. (It's not done yet! She always has a few going at once.)

Christmas - this one was so beautiful but it's another bad photo.

Look! One of the quilts has just gotten packed into my suitcase!!

And here it is, home in my living room! (And if you look closely, you'll see another of Pam's creations on my piano bench!) I told you she was generous!

Actually, her biggest talent, even bigger than quilting (and putting up with me for all these years) is teaching kindergarten! For 32 years!!!

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