Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good news for Portland Real Estate

Thank you CNN Money!

Overall this article is pretty negative on the housing market nationwide. However, there are some glowing statements about the Northwest.

Stiff said markets that are ripe for a turnaround will be in the Pacific Northwest. The biggest gainer is expected to be Tacoma, Wash., where Fiserv said prices will rise nearly 25% by March 2013.

Seattle and Portland's prices are expected to stay flat through next March and then record double-digit gains of just over 10% each over the following 12 months.

"Homes are undervalued in the Northwest," said Stiff, "the economy is diverse and the demographics strong. It has tech, manufacturing and extractive industries (like lumbering and mining) and people are still moving into the area."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fabulous paint colors for your walls!

People often ask me for a perfect neutral color to enhance their furniture and art, but isn't boring beige. Not only do they want a color that's easy and fun to live with, but they want something they won't have to do over when it's time to sell.

Enter our friends at Transformations by Design. The queens of transformation from blah to beautiful, my dream team of stagers have always got the perfect recommendation.

Click here for their suggestions for the most fabulous paint colors for your walls.

Hint: It all starts at Benjamin Moore. Sometimes it's just better to let the experts decide!

Barely Beige 1066
Hepplewhite Ivory HC-36
Shaker Beige HC-45
Putnam Ivory HC-39
Bleeker Beige HC-80
Greenbrier Beige HC-80
Edgecomb Gray HC-173
Light Pewter 1464
Revere Pewter HC-172
Sag Harbor Gray HC-95
Soft Fern 2144-40
Sea Foam 2123-60
Classic Brown 2109-10

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beautiful Bridlemile Listing - sold in 6 days!

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How about those Ducks?

Tailgating before the U of O / Stanford game. What a fun day, and a huge win!
Go Ducks!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where's Cary?

I haven't posted here in forever. I've been super busy! Listing, writing offers and closing deals. (in spite of this hideous economy)

I've also had a lot on my plate with our rental in the college town, and getting five (reliable) new renters, and having the deck replaced, carpets cleaned, bathrooms painted, new fans, yard work, yadda yadda yadda. I spent an entire afternoon cleaning the kitchen. AN ENTIRE AFTERNOON.

Claire is coming home next week and we can't wait. Cam is around town and I'm being more of a mom, cooking more and going places with him. I'm planning a party. We've had two beach trips and I've read a lot of books. It's a great summer.

Boomer is getting old and can't hear anymore, so we are taking a different kind of care of him now - he is less grouchy and more needy. (and more adorable than ever) Having three dogs while Cam and Peter are here is quite the chore. Somebody always has to go outside.

We had an amazing trip to Wisconsin, and are planning another family trip to Mexico this fall. There's no Philly girls trip this year, but there is a book club one. A favorite friend and family have moved to Amsterdam. Whit is looking abroad for graduate school. There will always be travel, though we have scaled back, for sure.

New clients are coming on board, I'm trying to transition to a new web page, and consolidate all my online efforts. I have several blogs plus a web page and two facebook pages - that needs to be streamlined. I guess my daily thoughts make it on to my facebook page rather than into a blog anymore. If you are not on facebook, you should be!

A few pics to mark the summer...

Here comes fall, and with it, Duck Football.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Noon on Tuesday.....


I was touring houses on Council Crest this morning when I saw the perkiest coyote casually walking down the sidewalk. He was so adorable and acting very civilized - I almost wanted to hop out and pet him. The next moment he was gone - jumped into the bushes or scared by the car.
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Shop 'Til You Drop at Lord & Taylor

The small print:
You will receive 25% OFF (10% OFF cosmetics and fragrances) almost all regular & sale-price items when you use promo code: FRIENDS at checkout.

The following exclusions apply to this offer:

25% OFF (10% OFF cosmetics and fragrances) Regular & Sale-Price Promo Code: FRIENDS excludes: Lunch break!™
REGULAR & SALE-PRICE ITEMS from Allen Edmonds, Aquatalia, Ecco, Frye, Jeffrey Campbell, Kors Michael Kors shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes, Merrell, Tumi & Ugg; men’s Cole Haan shoes, men’s Lacoste shoes.
DEPARTMENTS: Smart Value items; diamond solitaire rings and special event promotions in Fine Jewelry; FEED bags, gift cards.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

College Graduate!

Special Friends Day at Ainsworth

Maybe not the best picture ever, but JoJo and I had a wonderful time. I'm so lucky to be her special friend!

She drew a wonderful portrait of me, which is now framed and hanging in my office. Next time you're in the neighborhood of 20th and Johnson, stop by and see it.

Back from Maui

Cam and I had a fun trip - got some sun, saw an Adam Sandler movie being made, enjoyed beverages and shopping, and took an unflattering picture of ourselves... but the memories are solid gold!