Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Marge and Obi

The one and a half pound dog, and my good friend Marge!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend update

What a great, long weekend!

The neighborhood pool opened for the year, so I got to try out my new Target swimsuit. I smuggled in a can of Pabst in a coozie, and turned up my iPod to drown out the sound of screeching children hitting each other with those big noodles...When I woke up (yes, I went right to sleep - it has been a long few weeks!) the urchins were gone and I was treated to some perfect sun time. Thank goodness Portland's weather is starting to turn summery!

The boys came home for the weekend, and we went out to Cafe Yumm on Saturday night. (A Eugene staple that's finally opened in Portland) Afterwards we went to the mall for Norris' iPhone, and did a little shopping for shorts & flip flops.

On Sunday we drove to Gearhart to spend the day with Norris' sister, Kathie, and her husband Mark. They have a sweet beach house on the best strip of Gin Ridge, where we saw an impromptu family parade in honor of Memorial Day - these things just happen in Gearhart, a cute, old beach town. We did a little shopping and I got some amazing champagne glasses and some salt water taffy. Dinner was Copper River salmon, which was to die for!

On Monday we had Norris' birthday dinner, with some good salads and rhubarb crunch cake. (Every year it's a new rhubarb recipe and I'm not sure if this one is a keeper...) Norris and I are so happy when the boys are home, and the puppies were happy to see each other too. They ran circles at the schoolyard until they were too tired to move. Here's how they ended up...they always find a patch of sunlight.

My newest boyfriend

Isn't he just adorable???

Friday, May 22, 2009

Have a Wonderful Honeymoon!

To Jan Marie & Jerry, who are off in Europe celebrating their recent marriage, here's my best present... your house is sold!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who Wants to Go With Me?

Such a great article in the NYTimes about Edgefield...

Let's go golfing for $1 a hole! With beer!

Not to mention Death Cab for Cutie....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Clients' Pets I've visited recently...

They deserve to be recognized!

Tom with Toby and Ivan

Omni, wanting to dive into my purse

Nahla, who tried to get in every house picture!

Holding Ivan, a German Shepherd puppy

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

A quick summary:

The boys came home, including Peter. That alone made my weekend, as we were planning to go visit them and it saved the long drive. I received a huge box of my favorite candy from Claire (and there's something else still in the mail!) and a gorgeous big black iron bowl from the boys (shown below on a messy table - see my basil and cilantro plants? )

Noel delivered beautiful roses, and Whit bought Thai take-out for dinner and served it to me on the special plate (a very cute touch - we haven't brought that plate out for ages!) I even received gorgeous flowers from a new client, and I appreciated her friendship as well!

I had the BEST weekend, with the only bad part being that Claire lives so far away, but we talked a lot all weekend... it was a perfect Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy Weeks = No Blogging!

The last two weeks have been reminiscent of life as a Realtor, circa 2005. Super busy, with listings receiving multiple offers, and buyers having to fight to get the property they're after.

I'm also now using my phone for email, which I've rebelled against for a long time because I hate the constant interruptions. But with all these deals circulating, it's nice to know the moment the documents arrive, etc. Still, it's too much! All this phone time is starting to make my head explode!

Two busy weeks! I thought I might post the objects of my clients' affection, so you can see where I've been hanging out lately.

So this cute little condo in NW is going to be the second home of a lovely mid-westerner!

This darling Hawthorne farmhouse will belong to a member of our Mother and Daughter Book Group come Monday! She's a med student and one day soon she'll be my doctor!!

I've received a lot of interest in this property, and our first offer didn't go together. The buyer is back. I'm hoping to make it happen this time. We're about $10,000 apart.... let's see what happens on Monday!

Ahh, this gorgeous property is my newest listing, that just came on the market. It sits on the Alameda ridge, overlooking a beautiful golf course! For $799,000 it can be yours. (It's a Richard Sundeleaf, built in 1952)

I started off Monday morning with three interested bidders on this property. We're on to #2, and it's looking like it might go to #3. Everybody still wants a bargain, and this is a primo house that doesn't warrant a huge discount. Well-priced at $399,000, we're sticking to our guns.

Two offers on Laurie's condo! It's a little cutie, but I'm glad we've gotten it sold!

What an adorable cottage on a double lot in Belmont. Even though it's pending, I continue to get calls. It's the best thing out there - a huge double lot in an excellent neighborhood. An organic gardener is going to make this property rock!

I've only had one appointment this weekend - and my boys are home. Last night we saw the new Star Trek movie and celebrated their birthdays. We grilled, ate outisde in the evening sunshine, and I finally got to bake the root beer bundt cake. A just reward for a couple weeks of hard work!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Click Here

Claire writes a blog , The Buzz, for her magazine, Arizona Foothills Magazine, and I want everyone to read it every day! The only problem is, she's my source for everything that's fun and cool, and if I share her talents with you, my stock goes down.... Ah well.... Enjoy!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bon Iver

Cam and Betsy sent me a CD called For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver.

Rolling Stone says, "This album is a quiet marvel — just the sound of a sad guitar boy locking himself up in a cabin deep in the woods, singing, "Can't you find a clue/When your eyes are painted Sinatra blue?" Justin Vernon wrote the songs for his debut album during a three-month retreat in rural Wisconsin, recovering from what sounds like one mother grizzly of a broken romance. You can hear the isolation in the way he sings cracked ballads like "Flume," "Re: Stacks" and "The Wolves (Act I and II)" — he's been stuck on the "foreign roads" of heartbreak so long, he can't even remember how he got there.

The music evokes the acoustic side of Nick Cave or Neil Young, with his voice ranging from a creepy falsetto (sometimes double-tracked for hallucinatory effect) to a moan. Yet For Emma, Forever Ago never turns into a pity party, because Vernon has a light touch, with zero interest in narrative or confessional lyrics. He doesn't tell you anything about who Emma is or what exactly she did to him forever ago — but she must be proud she could put him through enough agony to inspire such great songs."

Well, here ya go: Emma happens to be Betsy's sister, (who was born on the very day Cam was) so this record has a cool connection for me - and of course the artist is from Wisconsin, so that makes it even more interesting...

And then when you listen to it, you'll realize that you've heard it before... on Grey's Anatomy, on Conan O'Brien, Letterman, or in a cool boutique, or somewhere! It's mellow, folk-influenced music with soft vocals and I recommend you get yourself a CD or download it asap!